We are interested in bringing algorithms,
data, and engineering together to provide
smart tools to measure health.

Adaptive Sensory Technology specializes in the development of smart tools for measuring health.

Our co-founders combine unique expertise in experimental methods, scientific computing, data analytics, and software commercialization. The team has experience in research and technical disciplines, experience with technology startups, and experience in bringing digital imaging software for desktops and mobile devices to market.

In our research, we bring a computational perspective to engage and interact with interdisciplinary teams of vision scientists, medical doctors, and computer scientists. These diverse but complementary talents provide the foundation for our development and commercialization of vision testing in the clinic and at home.

Michael Dorr, Dr. Ing CTO, Adaptive Sensory Technology
Luis Lesmes, PhD CEO, Adaptive Sensory Technology
Zhong-Lin Lu, PhD Analytic Science Advisor, Adaptive Sensory Technology
Ed Sanchez, MBA Co-founder, Adaptive Sensory Technology
Manuel Wille Co-founder, Adaptive Sensory Technology